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Deborah L. Plummer, PhD, is a psychologist, author, and speaker on topics central to equity, inclusion, and how to turn us and them into we. #Getting to We

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Do We Need a Form of Couples Therapy to Achieve Racial Equity?

Shaping a narrative for the suspect in Atlanta-area spa shootings shifts the focus from racial targeting and anti-Asian hate crimes to White exceptionality

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I have spent a lifetime providing evidence to Whites that racism exists. Yet, they remain the arbitrators of its existence.


Here are some tips for fostering forward-moving conversations about racism:

  1. Don’t back away from difficult conversations: When baffled or completely gobsmacked about something someone has said, simply pause and with the most inviting tone you can muster, ask the person to “Say more about…” or “Tell me what informs your thinking…”
  2. Remain…

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