Thanks, Joshua. I understand what you are saying about the analogy to the Rawanda and it not being a match to the sociopolitical context of racism in the U.S. That makes sense. I wrote in a more conversational tone and quickly rather than trying to establish a thesis. Just making a comment. My point was that “otherness” and the visibility of skin color as a marker for being racist is a flawed notion and not consistent with racial identity development resolution processes. Here is the the section that surprises me that there isn’t more push back from whites:

“Those who promote this approach {positive white identity} often suggest we develop a positive identity by reclaiming the cultural heritage that was lost during assimilation into whiteness for European ethnics. However, a positive white identity is an impossible goal. White identity is inherently racist; white people do not exist outside the system of white supremacy.” p.149

Deborah L. Plummer, PhD, is a psychologist, author, and speaker on topics central to equity, inclusion, and how to turn us and them into we. #Getting to We

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